Do You See It? That’s The Real Estate Elephant, and He’s In The Room

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

I don’t think a single Canadian would deny that, in the last 12 to 18 months, there have been drastic changes to our economy. Job security or simply HAVING a job can no longer be taken for granted.

Chances are someone you know has had their wages cut or lost their job altogether. Current and foreseeable economic conditions make finding a new job dif...

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Soft Close Drawers – Finally Someone Accepts Your Berzerking Rage

Posted on Nov 23, 2017

I’ve been a real estate agent for over 10 years. Over the course of those ten years, I’ve shown hundreds of buyers thousands of homes. Starter condos to enormous mansions.

The one thing that happens during every showing where buyers are remotely interested is they open and close the kitchen drawers. Do they want to make sure there aren’t questionabl...

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So We Got A Puppy...

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

Last week, after much humming and hawing and debating, my wife and I (and my daughter, of course) got a puppy. Eight weeks old, small-for-now-but-will-get-giant, the only thing he is trained for is to be unpredictable.We already have a dog, whom we also got when he was eight weeks old... That was almost eight years ago. He is calm, predictable, a k...

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